Monday, December 15, 2008

First time at the salon

OK!! Operation Catch Up is underway!
December 13 I took Aiyana and AJ to It's all about the girl. AJ got a good nap while Aiyana got the hula girl style hair. She got her nails painted and some glitter everywhere. This was her first time getting "made up". It was hilarious because she wouldn't move her lips after the girl put lip gloss on her. I kept trying to get her to smile for the pictures I was taking, but all I got was her best "blue steel". (Zoolander anyone?)
If you are cracking up at Aiyana's outfit, I'll explain. Yaya loves to wear pretty dresses (now that she is 3), and she loves to get dressed by herself. In fact, if I dress her she changes when I leave the room. So this dress, her balloon dress, is her favorite item. She ALWAYS wears it! The boots...Grandma Dorthea bought her first pair of rain boots. She felt they went perfect. So, who are we to judge?
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday Flashback

No Reaching Yaya!

Aiyana was almost 2 in this photo. She has always had a habit of reaching up onto the counters/dressers. I had a berry smoothie in a cup with no lid on my dresser. She pulled it down on top of herself while I was picking out her clothes for the day. She learned her lesson for a while! Enough said.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cuddles and Fairy princesses

It was 8pm and my babies were tucked in their beds. I turned on the tv to watch something while I did my evening mommy chores. Daddy was at work. I saw that the Disney premier of Tinkerbell was on. Then came the decision: do I let Aiyana get up and watch this? Will we make it to the outdoor classroom in the morning if I do? Will she make it through class without throwing a fit because she is so tired from staying up? She would really love would be great to watch it with her. Oh, why I called her out to the living room couch and asked her to bring a blanket. She was a little unsure about it at first. Asking questions like, " Mommy, why are you letting me watch Tinkerbell?"

We enjoyed watching the movie together. It was great 1-on-1 time! We rarely get that anymore. We cuddled and watched the fairies prepare for Spring. At the end of the movie, Aiyana told me she would rather be Tinkerbell. I said, well, if you are Tinkerbell then I won't have a daughter! She said, "Don't worry, Mommy, I'll be Tinkerbell then I will come right back." OK princess. That's ok.

So after that, she OF COURSE tucked in to bed and went right to sleep like a baby because she was so grateful that I let her get up to watch the movie about her favorite fairy princess.

HA! WRONG!! She came out of her room at least 10 times for a variety of reasons: potty, thirsty, "If I'm Tinkerbell I won't really fly", potty, "Tinkerbell can walk and fly", etc.

She finally fell asleep an hour later at 10:30pm! It was worth the bonding time. Another sweet day!
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Flashback

I am new to the world of blogging and I love the Friday Flashback idea that I have seen in other blogs. Taking sweet moments from the past and remembering them is one of the best joys of life. So...

This was the day that we set up Aiyana's first big girl bed with her own ladybug sheets. And she actually sleeps in it all night!!

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Give Thanks

We gave thanks for an abundant meal
We gave thanks for a joyful life
We gave thanks for love
We gave thanks

This Thanksgiving was great! Our day began with our kitchen sink overflowing all over the counters and floor. I am so glad I prepared my dishes Wednesday night! We spent our morning cleaning up the water and then went to Nana's house in San Marcos after the plumbers came to save the day.

We spent the rest of the day snacking and laughing and enjoying family. Just the way it should be.

The night ended with AJ, Rich and my bro Levi asleep on the couches with others asleep upstairs.

Aiyana and Papa spent their time eating Cheerios and sipping juice in front of the fire. Then they moved to Aiyana's table where they put together some of Yaya's baby puzzle.

Aiyana asked Nana to play with her at the end of the day. Nana said she was too tired and just didn't have it in her. Papa added, "Nana's old." Aiyana replied quickly," No! Nana is new!" When Papa asked Aiyana what happened to all of the old, she cleverly responded after a moment of thought. "It all fell out!"
How sweet it is!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Sweet!

Aiyana was such a big helper today. She saw me struggling to get the huge box of diapers to the bottom of the Costco cart and she said, "I'll hold it mommy". She held the cart still while I put them in. Then later she was so excited to help me carry them in from the car. Then in the most serious tone she stated, "I have a job to do!" She opened the box and put some of them in a basket that I keep the diapers in. So sweet!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It does pay off in the end!

We got home from running errands the other day and it was time for Aiyana's nap. She did everything but nap. She was in her room for 3 hours playing with every toy she had. She, of course, did not put any of them away. So that bedroom was unbelievably messy. After 3 hours at 4pm, I told her resting time was over but she could not come out of her room until she cleaned up the mess. She played until 5:15 and just when my frustration was building I peaked in on her and she was singing "I can do it, I can do it" while she was putting her toys away. It took her a few minutes, but she put almost all of them away. She really gave it a strong effort.

It was a beautiful realization. Our children hear us. All of our efforts count. My baby is growing into a strong confident and capable young girl. Life can't be controlled. Even if it takes all day, Aiyana is going to go her own pace, but she will conquer in the end.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok! I did it. This is our first blog. With so many friends and family members to keep up with, I had no choice! I already know this will be another fantastic idea that will keep me up all hours of the night while the rest of my family rejuvenates!

It has been a great summer! We started it off with Aiyana's 3rd b-day at an indoor party heaven for preschoolers. There were tons of huge bouncy houses. Everyone had so much fun!

AJ is crawling. It really happened fast. We visited The other Currys and their gorgeous bundle Arilyn. She was rolling both ways while AJ was staring at her and wondering why he only rolled over from his belly to his back. That afternoon when we got home he began to practice the skill until he did it. Then 3 days later he was up on his knees and propelling himself forward, then the famous army crawl, now 2 weeks later, he is trying to pull himself to standing in the crib! He has gotten to his knees already. Wow. The past 6 months have gone by so fast.

Rich's car was burglarized and it has been a pretty big deal for us. I caught the guy in the act and saw his car. This had been a great opportunity to teach Aiyana about "good guys" and "bad guys". She is so sweet. We were having a discussion and she explained to me that the bad guy who broke into Daddy's car would come back but this time he would "have another chance and this time he won't steal Daddy's cd player because he will be a good person." This is just like her because whenever she chooses to throw fits etc. I let her try again after she regroups on time out.