Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ages and Stages

Aiyana is now 6 and questions all authority. Long gone are the days where Mommy is the Queen and whatever I say is the end all. She wants to know why I said "Get in the car quickly." She wants to know why AJ is on timeout because what he did "really wasn't that bad." She disagrees with pretty much everything and at the same time says "right mama?" after most of her statements. "I get to go first, right mama?" "I don't have to take a nap today, right mama?" "This trick is the best, right mama?" How does she need my confirmation, yet disagree with me anyway?! So funny!

Aiyana is truly a bright little girl. She is reading better each day. She can complete several books a day and fully comprehend the story. Taking the time to read with her hours each day when she was a baby has truly paid off.

She is also training to compete in her first karate tournament. We will go to Disneyland and she will perform her kata and spar against other kids her age and skill level. She is a purple belt now and is helping out with AJ's little dragons class.

She will begin first grade this September. I look forward to this school year. Last year was rough because AJ got so many ear infections and colds and pneumonia. Now that he is a bit bigger, and hopefully a stronger immune system, we have high hopes for getting through this year healthy.

AJ is 3 now and is at the stage where Mommy is the best! At the park yesterday he was observing the felt lining from the bottom of the sand box. "Maam, excuse me, what is this stuff?" he asked another mom. She said she didn't know, so I told him it was the lining. He then continued on with the other mom, "My mother said it's the lining." So sweet! AJ plays cars and trucks and planes and motorcycles and boats all day long. He loves to define a bad guy and a good guy and set up scenarios of the bad guy getting beat. He is fairly self sufficient when it comes to play time.

When he hugs me my heart just melts down in seconds. Life is truly precious.

This September we will enter AJ into the parent participation indoor preschool Aiyana attended. We call it "college" because it is through a local community college. AJ attended the class with Aiyana a year ago and he remembers Teacher Marina and that she is "nice because she lets them play play-dough everyday if they want."

The Curry kids have blessed us beyond imagination. They are both growing and changing so quickly.