Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok! I did it. This is our first blog. With so many friends and family members to keep up with, I had no choice! I already know this will be another fantastic idea that will keep me up all hours of the night while the rest of my family rejuvenates!

It has been a great summer! We started it off with Aiyana's 3rd b-day at an indoor party heaven for preschoolers. There were tons of huge bouncy houses. Everyone had so much fun!

AJ is crawling. It really happened fast. We visited The other Currys and their gorgeous bundle Arilyn. She was rolling both ways while AJ was staring at her and wondering why he only rolled over from his belly to his back. That afternoon when we got home he began to practice the skill until he did it. Then 3 days later he was up on his knees and propelling himself forward, then the famous army crawl, now 2 weeks later, he is trying to pull himself to standing in the crib! He has gotten to his knees already. Wow. The past 6 months have gone by so fast.

Rich's car was burglarized and it has been a pretty big deal for us. I caught the guy in the act and saw his car. This had been a great opportunity to teach Aiyana about "good guys" and "bad guys". She is so sweet. We were having a discussion and she explained to me that the bad guy who broke into Daddy's car would come back but this time he would "have another chance and this time he won't steal Daddy's cd player because he will be a good person." This is just like her because whenever she chooses to throw fits etc. I let her try again after she regroups on time out.