Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Saturday at The Flower Fields

We went to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad yesterday. It was kid's day so there were tons of activities set up for the little ones.

We began the day with a Ronald McDonald variety show. Aiyana has only had 1 kids meal in her life, and it was a big deal. She got a My Little Pony toy in it. So, when I explained that Ronald McDonald lives at the place where she got her kid's meal, she was really excited to watch the show.
Ronald juggled some blocks and did some goofy magic tricks. It was perfect for the kids! At the end he passed out some origami books and a book mark. Aiyana ate some frozen strawberry lemonade and was so attentive the entire show! It is amazing how kids can pay attention and sit still when it comes to tv or this type of show but have 10 minutes max with everything else!

After the show, Aiyana wanted to play in the kids play area. The had a playground and a little snow hill where the kids could sled down. Aiyana went down the hill once and got a little messy so that was enough for her.

Aiyana was climbing everything and trying all of the slides while AJ was playing in the sand and turning wheels (his favorite 2 park activities). AJ threw a little tantrum when it was time to leave the playground. Hilarious!

After the playground, we went to a tent where there were lego tables set up. It was a good break from the sun. Both of the kids had so much fun building. Aiyana said that she built a city and AJ just put stuff together, took it apart, and threw it on the floor while making spitting sounds with his mouth.

Next, we went to the science tent. There were pieces to put together an electric circuit with the goal of making a fan spin or a light go on. Aiyana found a connected circuit and played with that. Then she played with some crystal soil and packed some up for us to take with us. We also got some radish seeds. We will see how they grow!

Next on our adventure was the sweet pea maze. She led the way through and only made 1 wrong turn the entire time. It took about 10 minutes to get through.
Note to self: don't try to push joovy caboose through dirt maze again.

We were waiting in line to get Aiyana's face painted for an hour! There were only about 10 kids in front of us but there was 1 lady painting faces. While we were waiting Aiyana got in a little fight with a boy her age because she took his flower fields passport from him so she could stamp it for him. She said, "He isn't strong enough to do it!" Leave it to Aiyana to try to take over for someone else!

Then, AJ dropped his sippy cup on the ground. Aiyana reaction, (big sigh) "What the heck?!"

The next stop was the violin tent.

She was very proud of herself a didn't want to stop playing.

On the way out we shared a strawberry sundae and the kids climbed on the tractor.

What a day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Flashback

My sister will be getting married in a couple of weeks and it reminded me of a friend's wedding. I took Aiyana by myself because Rich was working. Aiyana was 20 months at the time. She and I spent the entire reception wandering around, dancing and eating berries. I was so tired at the end of the day. She had a great time!

Sweet sayings from today

Aiyana- "Mommy, you have 2 names that I call you: Mommy and April."
Mommy- "April is my name that other people call me, but you call me Mommy."
Aiyana- "April, I love you soooo much!"

Aiyana woke up at 10pm to use the potty. She said, "Mom, I can't make it daytime. I'm having a hard time sleeping. I can't make it daytime."
Mommy- "Oh, honey. It's not our job to make it daytime. The sun and stars have their own rules."
Aiyana- "They have to follow God's rules."
Mommy- "Yes, baby, they follow God's rules. Goodnight."
Aiyana-" I love you Mommy."
Mommy- "I love you to."

AJ was looking at the photos on the wall in his room. "Yayayayayayayayaya!" He loves big sis.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New things

Aiyana's drawings have been slowly evolving. Today we were using our sidewalk chalk and she drew a Mommy and a daughter. They were the same as usual but she added ears. To cute!

Aiyana was eating her special brownie dessert. It was hot, but she refused to slow down and let it cool. She was eating tiny bites as fast as she could. She shut her eyes and took a few breathes. I asked her, "Aiyana why are you shutting your eyes?" She replied, "MMMMM it's just so sweet!"

I was on the bed putting AJ's pjs on him. Aiyana was running around naked clearly hyped up from her brownie earlier. She tried to take a shaker toy from AJ. "No, Aiyana. I gave him that to play with while I'm putting his diaper on."
She grabbed a bell and began shaking it waving it around in our faces. "Aiyana, calm down." She was still going nuts. She climbed onto the bed naked and threw the bell as hard as she could to the ground.
"Ok, Aiyana stop! Hold still and come here so you can get dressed. " I got AJ dressed and put him down to play. He went straight for the bell on the ground. He played with it for a minute and when he was close enough she went in for the kill. She reached and tried to take the bell out of his hand.
"Aiyana, you just threw that down. There is no way you are going to take it from him now." Aiyana said, "It's in outer space! I threw it to outer space!" Sigh! Whatever...

On the other hand, AJ has been in the Momma lovey stage. He flashes his sweet smile at me every chance he gets and with his perfect voice calls for me, "Momma". He is all about hugs and kisses and looks to me for approval after a new "trick". He is playing around with his voice and words. He has a mouthful of teeth and 5 new teeth have broken skin and are on their way.

Here he is trying on Aiyana's helmet. He loves to hop on the bike and the scooter while I push him around.

While we were outside playing, AJ decided to feed Deuce. Aiyana jumped in and a few handfuls later, doggy was full.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up to my hard drive in photos

I have taken over 700 photos this month. What am I ever going to do with all of them? I was going to upload a few more, but my computer won't run Picasa right now. I have to many photos and the computer memory is running low. I have to do some research and figure out how to fix this problem!

I'll let the pictures tell their own story.

Sea World

Park in Clairemont

Our battle with refried beans after a long day!

Afternoon at home

Bball with Daddy