Friday, May 14, 2010

Bowling with Gram

Last Thursday we went the Premier Bowling in Bonita to watch the kids Great Grandmother bowl in her league. Gram Curry taught the late Gpa Curry, her grandson Rich (my husband), and now her Great Grand kids Aiyana and AJ how to bowl at the same bowling alley.

We went to watch, but when she was finished we decided to let the kids go for one game.

Gram taught them how to hold the ball correctly and gave them a tip here and there to keep them on track. AJ was so excited to pick up his ball by himself and roll it down the lane. Just after he rolled the ball each time he turned around and with a huge grin on face he would yell, "I did it!"

Aiyana was focused on making sure her and AJ's ball came to the correct side of the rack. She did her best to be sweet with Gram and it was such a joy to watch her have a big girl day. I think all of the "oh you are so beautiful and pretty" comments from Gram's friends gave Aiyana a dainty girl attitude.

but... I caught her "slippin"

After her little spill, Aiyana recovered well and learned to stay behind the line.

Overall it was a great afternoon! Spending time with Gram is always fun. We need to do it more!

Preschool fun!

Aiyana has discovered a new talent. The photos say it all!
This little girl pushes her limits.

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