Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday AJ

I don't know why I didn't post this in March of 2010! Here is is anyway.

Last week you turned 2. I get a sweet, warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I think about you son. 
Each day you make me smile over and over. 
Each day you grow a little and say new things.
Each day you get closer to my heart.
You have blessed our family and filled our lives with joy and giggles!
And last week you ate cupcakes!




Each day you

Busy week

We were so busy last week! The events kept us in suspense and smiling. It began Monday and Tuesday as we were awaiting the grand opening of Aiyana's new school, Old Town Academy. It was originally postponed to open a week late on Monday then to Tuesday then finally to Wednesday. After all the anticipation, the first day was a success! Aiyana thinks her teacher is great and she has plenty of friends in class. She seems to thrive in the small school atmosphere. There is only one class for each grade.
Here are some first day photos.

                                                                 Leaving the house

                                                                       Balloon fun

                                                  She can't believe she is actually a first grader!

                                We were completing her first grade scavenger hunt to find all
                                                    of the important places in the school.

                                                      She was happy to see us picking her up!

Immediately after we picked up Aiyana from school we headed to AJ's karate class. Aiyana is an aid in the class. AJ was given his first promotion. He now has a yellow tape on his white belt. He is on his way!
                                                                 Serious samurai

                                                                    Silly samurai

                                                                   Blue Steel Samurai

                                                                     He just kept going...

Thursday was another great day at school for Aiyana. The morning was a little rough before she had her oatmeal. She told me that she "wished school didn't exist" and she said she wanted to stay with us all day. Once she was fed and dressed it was all good. She had wonderful things to say when she got home despite the apprehensive start to the day. She was happy to be the teachers messenger and deliver any necessary communication to the office or the kinder teacher.

                                                                    As cute as can be

                                                    Yana is trying to push AJ out of the shot.

                                                               Now this is more like it!


That afternoon after school was Aiyana's big test day in karate. She has been a purple belt for several months now and was ready to show that she could advance. She was very nervous but her tendency to come through in the clutch showed through! Sensei tested her basics (kicks, punches, stances, and blocks), sparring, and Kata (form). She passed her test and is now a purple belt with a white stripe.

                                                 Just before the test began her nerves were apparent.

           Here the Master Sensei is adding a white tape to her purple belt signifying her promotion
                   Job well done Yaya!! I am so proud of you and all your hard work and dedication!

Finally it was Friday after a long week! We had a great morning and Aiyana felt so sassy and ready to get to school. I mean just look at the knee socks! Shut up right?

After all the school kids went up to class, AJ and I hung out with the construction crew as they dumped piles of dirt over the soon-to-be turf field.

                           AJ was sitting on the digger the tractor would later use to smooth out the dirt.

                                                 Look at his morning puffy face! So cute!
 After the dirt was dumped, AJ insisted we stay and watch the bobcat spread it out. We hung out for an hour and chatted and learned. One of the crewman gave AJ a pile of dirt and in his awesome deep big daddy voice he told the man, "I am going to keep this forever." It was a moment. I cherish these times with my kids. I know it is just a blink and they are grown up.

Whew!! What a week!