Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take a good look at this smile!!

It will be gone soon. Aiyana has 2 loose teeth! Soon these pearly whites will be long gone. We have been taking lots of big cheesy smile photos.

Mommies do bad things.

Yesterday as I walked into the kid's room I was greeted with two little rug rats pointing wrenches at me as they were whispering, "There she is, there is the thief!" I know we have recently read Aladdin at least 25 times so they were simply acting out new concepts. But why do I have to be the "thief"? Couldn't they designate some random stuffed animal?

I continued on with my afternoon folding clothes and dancing around the house with the kids as we listened to Reggae music. At bedtime AJ again said, "Mommy you are a thief."
Me- "Really? What do thieves do?"
AJ replied after a moment of thought, "They do bad things."
Me- "Oh. Bad things like what?"
AJ- "They take things from happy people."

I was satisfied with his thoughts and really wanted to get him to sleep, so I left the conversation there and continued with our bedtime routine of blessings and affirmations.

This evening I walked into another ambush at bedtime. This time AJ informed me that I was a bad guy sometimes. I asked him why and he replied, "You are a bad guy because bad guys do bad things."
Me- "Well, what bad things do I do?"
AJ- "You take things from bad people."
Me- "If I take things from bad people does that make me bad?"
AJ- "Yes. And sometimes you take things from the other happy kids also."
Me- "Really? What do I take from the other kids?"
AJ-"Sometimes when you are a bad Mommy you take banging things and bats away from the other happy kids."

He really does think I am a bad guy. Well, I let it rest a bit and when I was brushing his teeth I reminded him that bad mommies aren't really trying to make the happy kids sad. They just have to make sure that the happy kids follow the rules with the banging things and bats and don't hurt anybody or break anything. I think he is OK with that because he grabbed my face and gave me a perfect kiss on the cheek.