Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starting Kinder

Aiyana started Kindergarten on Sept. 7. We all made it without crying! I came close... real close. As the students were gathering on the rug Aiyana asked me why I only stayed for such a short time. I almost lost it. I wanted to trample the other little ones and swoop her up and carry her out of there. Instead I just took a deep breath and shot her a kiss and moved towards the door. We watched for a moment and took a couple more photos before leaving. Whew! That was the first time Aiyana had ever been left in someones care other than close family. Well, there was one time when she was 1 and I trialed a "preschool" for 3 hours. I hated it and never went back. Other than that we have been doing parent participation preschool classes since she was 1 1/2. Anyway, this was truly her first day of school.

 AJ was enjoying the desks while the students were getting settled in at the front.

 She conquered the first day!

We decided to put Aiyana in a school that isn't in our neighborhood. We are very happy with our choice so far! The Kinder system is very organized and Aiyana comes home from school happy each day. The first thing she usually tells me is that they "learned MORE stuff she already knows"! She has really showed lots of independence the past few weeks with her new found freedom. She even asked me to drop her off at the front of the school and she could find her own way to her classroom. Not a chance!

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